Simone Billi

deputato eletto nella Circoscrizione Estero-Europa

Choosing Europe, not globalism

Speech held at CPAC Hungary in Budapest, 4 May 2023.


In the last 10 years the lefts parties in Italy have governed for 9 years.

Italy’s centre-right government won the election in October. Some of the most important measures that this government has already implemented – conservatives measures – that I want to underline today, are the birth rate promotion with a strong “birth rate plan” and the promotion of the traditional family, with a series of important decrease of taxes for families decided by last Monday’s Council of Ministers!

Even Papa Francesco said this during his apostolic journey, which ended just a few days ago right here at the former Carmelite Monastery. A very positive journey for the Church of Hungary, for the civil authorities and for the Hungarian people and for all European peoples.

Papa Francesco actually said “we don’t want an Europe transforming itself into a fluid reality, OR EVEN GASEOUS reality, something similar to an “high level” supra-nationalism, forgetting the lives (and the problems) of peoples.” The Pope hopes that: “Europe will be a place where different Nations are a single family, in which the growth and singularity of each Nation are preserved.” We are as well for a single and united Europe, A EUROPE OF PEOPLES, which defends and promotes different cultures, traditions and customs. These diversities are the POWERS of our Continent, we must leverage them to overcome all the global challenges facing in our near future.

Regarding immigration, we always say: welcome immigrants who have the right and escape from wars, immigrants in special difficult conditions. But UN-FORTUNATELY we cannot welcome everyone! These are the numbers: the population of Europe is about 700 million people, Africa and the Middle East have about 2 billion!

In the Italian Parliament, in these days we are discussing the Cutro Act (I have voted yesterday at the Chamber of Deputies). We are introducing a new criminal law, with prison up to 30 years for human traffickers by any means of transport: a fundamental tool against immigrant boats and illegal immigration!

But we need help from the other European countries to better control the borders of southern Europe, by sea. Papa Francesco also declared during his return journey from Budapest: “Migration is a problem that Europe must take by the hand”.

Another issue I want to focus, is the European Directive on the so-called greenhouses, regarding energy efficiency obligations. This Directive requires all residential properties in Europe to be carbon neutral by 2050 with some intermediate steps.

BUT, in Italy, over 50% of the real estate assets are over 45 years old and potentially need to be redeveloped. Please, think about how many ancient and small villages there are in the Italian countryside! This Directive is prefigured as a huge economic problem for a lot of Italians!

The Italian Left Parties voted in favor of this Directive, testifying once again how the “new” Italian Left is radical-chic, far from the needs of workers, retired people, families and, in general, from the middle class.

Another European Directive I want to report here today is related to the “stop of the sales of combustion engines within 2035”.

Please, consider that in 2018, the total consumption of electricity in Italy (industrial, civil and domestic production) was about 321 TWh. If all vehicles in Italy had been electric in 2018, all these vehicles would have consumed more than 3,500 TWh, only the vehicles! Therefore, we would have had to multiply the Italian production of electricity by more than 10 times to have sufficient power!

This is why the stop of internal combustion engines in 2035, decided by the European Commission, is substantially UNREALISTIC for our Country. A similar situation would be in all the other European Countries.

Please, consider the impact of CO2 emissions from European Union Countries is about 6% of the total global emissions. China is 27%, USA 11% and India 7%.

Therefore, a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions only in Europe would not lead to a substantial benefit for the global environmental impact, while it would cause huge economic and social problems in Europe, and would have a negative impact on the economy of many Italian and European families. A suicide, not a transition to sustainability.

In fact, for the green economy, the European Union is pushing a transition from fossil and gas fuel to renewable energies NOT in medium or long term, BUT in a very short term!

The sort term strategy for the green economy should be driven by the keyword DIVERSIFICATION, otherwise the European middle-class will pay for it!

In addition, a significant part of the energy produced worldwide comes from nuclear fission. The safety of nuclear fission plants is further increased thanks to fourth generation reactors which shut down by themselves in emergency cases.

Also, research is directed on NUCLEAR FUSION, which will be able to eliminate waste and risks, with abundant energy, low-cost energy and safe energy. Nuclear fusion is the future for our children and our grandchildren: we need to work to make real its industrial application as soon as possible!  

Other European Union Directives that could affect our economy… and not only on the economy, but also our culture and our traditions are: green certificates for private heating and private fuels; food, insects and synthetic meat; the reduction of traditional fish farms.

I hope that the European Parliament will re-think all those directives that go against the interests of my country and of the European peoples, for a politic closer to the real needs and problems; on work, employment and economic development; without purely ideological politic. For sure, it is necessary to push greener policies in Europe, but made with rationality and vision for the future, in the interest of our peoples.

Let’s avoid the homologation and the globalist main-stream.

The diversity of European peoples is essential to the Europe’s role in the geopolitical challenges in the coming years. Only a strong and united Europe can guarantee PROSPERITY and PEACE for future generations in Europe and in the world.

Let’s work together for a new Europe of peoples and build global peace!

Work together for a new Europe of the People and built together the Global Peace”

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